Liven character on Fall-Winter 2014/15 collection

Liven character on Fall-Winter 2014/15 collection

Modern Basic Wardrobe. Liven expresses a revision of luxury basic timeless items as the ideal wardrobe: the blazer, the masculine coat, the perfecto, the trench coat and the caban in various mix of materials: leather bonded with fabric-suede , leather and shearling to create a modern game of different textures and light and shade. The use of the shearling creates a new concept of fur. In this theme, comes up a pure military proposal through parkas and capes in cotton warmed by shearling and super soft alpaca inlay works.

Aviator Wardrobe. In the new collection are introduced styles with details and shapes of the classic aviator jacket theme. These details contaminate the fabric and shearling styles. In this section the alpaca skins and color combinations give to the garments a fresh and modern impact.

Biker Wardrobe. In this season this theme finds its strength in the sleeves details, in quilting and color games typical of that world. The biker mood is present on many coats of the collection and in the shearling styles  and in the full leather family.

Colors and Materials. The colors are also slightly Seventies without falling into the vintage atmosphere. The brown is contrasted by black and light colors are always played on the mix of materials and different surfaces. Great care is set on details and craftsmanship as the use of double fused fabrics and handmade stitchings to make each garment richness and a newfound sense of comfort and lightness typical of this process. The use of doubled fabrics also allows to create a new concept of layered apparel where the overlapping of several items creates a new all in one effect. The mix of materials with different textures combined with the luxury impact of the glove leather, a special characteristic of Liven, finds greater strength in this new Fall Winter collection and new combinations of materials come to life.

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